“Taressa’s teaching is the real deal – she walks the talk.”

-Christopher K. Germer, PhD, Author of “The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion”

Taressa really embodies the ideal of compassion that she teaches. In the Mindful Self-Compassion course, she took great care to creating a setting where we felt warmly embraced and safe. This allowed me to go deep quite quickly and experience some profound healing. Taressa was a great facilitator of that healing process, like a skillful midwife. She has a wonderful lightness and sense of humour, and genuine care for whoever she is with.

-Justin L. Registered Nurse, Vancouver, B.C.

“During my pregnancy, I was living with a constant neck pain at the base of my skull. All the holistic remedies in the world would not alleviate this pain.  Then one day, I had a session with Taressa and the pain dissipated, never to return.  I don’t know what she did, but it worked.  I recommend her to everybody out there. This woman can make light out of anything.”

-Karen F., Mother, Calgary, AB

“I dislike gyms!!! Having Taressa move in next door to me was a wonderful gift. She encouraged me at the beginning by walking on the waterfront and doing stretching exercises. We began in November and by the spring I was amazed at the the progress that I had made. I loved being out of doors. I was strongly encouraged and felt fit and ready to take on almost anything as the months progressed. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, her willingness to work with “my” body and its needs, was a gift.

Often other trainers stick to a program but Taressa’s flexibility was very refreshing. I also appreciated her spirituality which “believes” in the good in all people was very refreshing. Her dietetic council was great and she helped change my eating habits and the way I thought about my body. If you are looking for an encouraging, energetic trainer, I can highly recommend Taressa. An added bonus to working out with Taressa is her spa which provides services such as massage, sugaring and facials.”

– Carol T., Victoria BC

“Taressa magically came into my life just when I needed her most. With her guided support, I was able to slow down, nurture myself and reconnect with my own heart and my own voice. She has dedicated herself to the practice of Love, and I, for one, am better for it.”

-Sandy A., Administrator, Victoria BC

“I have known Taressa Mikaila for about a decade. I met her through my wife who went to Taressa for massage and energy balancing work. I recall my wife’s glowing accounts of how attentive Taressa was to every aspect of her well being during the hours-long treatment – including preparing delicious meals. Perhaps most importantly for us, Taressa detected a looming major health issue that had not been seen by our allopathic medical doctor – a warning that we heeded with great results.

About one month ago I visited Taressa to help me rebalance my mind and physiology. After a very stressful summer, I was feeling anxious and was having trouble sleeping. In just two treatments, Taressa’s sensitivity to my needs and her therapeutic skills helped my bodymind to rebalance so that I do not feel the pressure of anxiety and my sleep pattern has become almost completely normalized. I haven’t taken a sleeping pill in the past three weeks. My sense of well being and my energy and vitality are growing daily. Taressa’s treatments and her recommendations for at-home practices have been very effective.

I would gladly consult with Taressa again should the need arise…or if I just want a great massage.”

-MC, Victoria BC

“The two days I spent with Taressa was an experience: uplifting, introspective, spiritual, educational, and energizing are only a few of the words to describe the time she spent with me. Taressa opened my eyes and my heart to the possibilities around me and to the capabilities within myself. She left me with a new awareness of what can be accomplished by making small, but transformational changes to my life.”

-Karen R., Marketing Executive, Toronto ON

“Meeting Taressa has changed my whole outlook on life.  Her expertise is teaching how to focus on your inner being, calming your life and finding inner peace. Taressa teaches you to find yourself in personalized retreats which offer teachings in health, fitness, nutrition along with spiritual inner peace. The massages are such a treat. My deepest gratitude goes to Taressa.”

-Dawn J., Business Owner, Abbotsford, BC

Time seems to stand still when I find myself in the company of Taressa. Her generosity, her joy and her love are contagious: she doesn’t need to do anything  – rather, just by being present, she enables me to see the brilliant luminosity of my own mind and the true expansive love in my heart. Being with Taressa allows me to open to the Healer in me!”

-Flo B., Musical Performer, Ottawa, ON

“I have healed so much in response to my nagging need to be rescued by my father and or a man in my life. I have had further spiritual awakenings because of your love, passion and individualized approaches to supporting me and working with me. You were so incredibly present and I find I am this way with myself in response to my needs.

You have taught me to love myself and to accept my perfect imperfections.

At a team meeting last week I confessed to an oversight and found myself saying, “I’m not perfect but I am perfectly ok with that.” Someone said, “Wow, I love that!”

This was you Taressa speaking through me so I can share this a million times over in many forums and with many people. This little wisdom will resonate with many people over the years ahead. Your teachings resonate with many even when you are miles away.”

– Megan McStravick, Manager, Disability sector, Perth WA

Email to Taressa…. “You are clearly a very special woman.. Your freakish level of insight into my predicament blew me away … You left me feeling like I’d been touched by an angel and it made me so acutely aware of how kind and loving people can be. You gave to me so freely and unconditionally without any expectation of anything in return. I can’t tell you how much you helped me – thank you….

I really learned some beautiful lessons and your acts of kindness and compassion towards a complete stranger are inextricably woven into this. My heart is so much more open as a result of our brief encounter and I just wanted to take the opportunity to express my gratitude.”

– Kate M, Music Industry Professional, Melbourne, Australia