“Taressa’s energy can move mountains.

She knows the true nature of selfless work. She gives and she gives and she gives.

Taressa stayed in my home and helped me when I had been trying to sell my house for one year in a rock bottom market.

By the time Taressa came to stay I really felt my house wasn’t worth anything, nobody wanted it and it wasn’t good enough compared to all the others on the market. I also felt this about myself funnily enough! With her experience in interior design and staging houses for sale, Taressa very quickly transformed my house into a beautiful show home.  

Each step of the way she tapped into my energy with her healing intuition, boosting my confidence and helping me remember who I really am. By the time Taressa left my home I felt so proud of my house and I thought it was beautiful again. I also thought that whoever buys my house is very lucky, so they better not waste anymore time or someone else will get it! Two months later I sold my house. It looked beautiful and I was able to move on.

I’m really grateful Taressa helped me to move through this stage of my life.

Thanks a lot Taressa!”

– Leanna K., Environmental Scientist, Perth, WA

“I dislike gyms!!! Having Taressa move in next door to me was a wonderful gift. She encouraged me at the beginning by walking on the waterfront and doing stretching exercises. We began in November and by the spring I was amazed at the the progress that I had made. I loved being out of doors.

I was strongly encouraged and felt fit and ready to take on almost anything as the months progressed. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, her willingness to work with “my” body and its needs, was a gift.

Often other trainers stick to a program but Taressa’s flexibility was very refreshing. I also appreciated her spirituality which “believes” in the good in all people was very refreshing.

Her dietetic council was great and she helped change my eating habits and the way I thought about my body. If you are looking for an encouraging, energetic trainer, I can highly recommend Taressa. An added bonus to working out with Taressa is her spa which provides services such as massage, sugaring and facials.”

– Carol T., Retired Businesswoman, Victoria BC

“During my pregnancy, I was living with a constant neck pain at the base of my skull. All the holistic remedies in the world would not alleviate this pain.  Then one day, I had a session with Taressa and the pain dissipated, never to return.  I don’t know what she did, but it worked.  I recommend her to everybody out there. This woman can make light out of anything.”

– Karen F., Mother, Calgary AB

 “I have known Taressa Mikaila for over a decade. I met her through my wife who went to Taressa for massage and energy balancing work. I recall my wife’s glowing accounts of how attentive Taressa was to every aspect of her well being during the hours-long treatment – including preparing delicious meals.          

Perhaps most importantly for us, Taressa detected a looming major health issue that had not been seen by our allopathic medical doctor – a warning that we heeded with great results.    

About one month ago I visited Taressa to help me rebalance my mind and physiology. After a very stressful summer, I was feeling anxious and was having trouble sleeping. In just two treatments, Taressa’s sensitivity to my needs and her therapeutic skills helped my bodymind to rebalance so that I do not feel the pressure of anxiety and my sleep pattern has become almost completely normalized. I haven’t taken a sleeping pill in the past three weeks. My sense of well being and my energy and vitality are growing daily.

Taressa’s treatments and her recommendations for at-home practices have been very effective. I would gladly consult with Taressa again should the need arise…or if I just want a great massage.”                                                         

-M C., Retired Scientist, Victoria BC