Well-Being At Your Workplace

DSC_0077Empathy, compassion, self-awareness and resilience are valuable assets regarding social environments. Without these foundational human qualities, fostering growth and generating profit in business often becomes challenging.

Our programs incorporate open hearted programs including; neuroscience, emotional-intelligence and mindfulness which fulfill the criteria for a companionable ambience. The tools that enable personal well-being are the same fundamentals that foster a healthy workplace as well as a healthy respect for all involved. 

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“You were so incredibly present and I find I am this way with myself in response to my needs. You have taught me to love myself and to accept my perfect imperfections.

At a team meeting last week I confessed to an oversight and found myself saying, “I’m not perfect but I am perfectly ok with that.” Someone said, “Wow, I love that!”

This was you Taressa speaking through me so I can share this a million times over in many forums and with many people. This little wisdom will resonate with many people over the years ahead. Your teachings resonate with many even when you are miles away.”

                                                                                                               – Megan M., Health Care Manager, Perth WA