Personal Lifestyle Coaching


CEO, Executive or Business. Find the work life balance and drive your company and workers to excel. Taressa Mikaila has helped some of the most successful entrepreneurs exceed their goals.


Find peace within yourself with Taressa Mikaila who will co-create a loving and kind environment with you to feel safe, loved and self aware. This leads to self-acceptance which is the foundation of infinite opportunities to enjoy the momentum of change toward happiness and joy in your life.

Women’s Lifestyle

Women have more stress in today’s society than ever before. Having a family, enjoying relationships and our careers are vulnerable to however we truly feel towards ourselves in our day to day lives . Taressa Mikaila will share with women to find compassion for all aspects of their lives again. Taressa Mikaila becomes a friend to women so that they become true to themselves.

Available for groups, classes, in-person & online

From boardrooms to parks, Taressa Mikaila envisions a product open training program, that gets clients moving and open to solutions to their problems. Any client is able to book a session online to meet their busy schedules, no matter where they are.