Retreats Worldwide

Your being is most beautifully revealed while immersed in nature. Taressa encourages you to create for yourself a perfect landing for absolute tranquility while basking in the beauty of Mother Earth.

For over 15 years Taressa has lived overseas with cultures that place the needs of others at the forefront. This is an act of kindness that helps us to relieve our own suffering by offering back into the direction from where we all.

With purpose we move away from routine to a more perfect venue where we can stop and notice who we really are. 

All retreats are the adventure of sampling from a medley of rejuvenate practices. 


“When I met Taressa, it was the turning point of my life – she gave me a light to break the darkness and let me see the hidden treasure in my inner world. She is not only a therapist that listens to you and offers you solutions to being happy, she also offers practical skills to help you love yourself.                                                                                                                                      

Taressa offered a retreat into the forest in Whistler and my wish had come true. I got to ride a snowmobile above treelike into the backcountry.  I also toured dog sledding and snowshoeing.

That afternoon I attended an outdoor Spa with Scandinavian baths and Eucalyptus steam rooms where  I felt that my anxiety had dissolved into that heavenly environment – it seemed that I had a relaxing and spiritual conversation every moment with nature.             

After 3 months of working with Taressa, I have become a calmer and happier person. I found my passion again. My parents and my friends have all told me that they noticed my transformation. I am here to give my deepest gratitude to her. I strongly believe there will be more and more people  guided by her and start to make our world more beautiful and peaceful.” 

Much Love,  

                                                                                                                Ellen  J.,  Mechanical Engineer, Vancouver BC